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I have just returned home from my appointment with Kim from Chique, and lord the woman is a genius! I’m sure she has just taken ten years off my face. I am ecstatic!

Jennifer DeGrassi

I threw Kim a curve ball yesterday and without missing a beat she looked after me. That was VERY much appreciated as I know from past experiences at other salons (of course) that I would’ve just been sent on my way. So thank you again Kim – I hope you never get sick of hearing those words because I for one am going to repeating them!

Louise Stewart

I was diagnosed with cancer September 2014. I went to Chique for Intravenous Nutrient Therapy (IV Therapy) to support the side effects of Chemotherapy. I started both Chemotherapy and IV Therapy at the same time. I was having minimal to nil side effects – at first I believed that I was just lucky through the process until I had to miss an IV Therapy before Chemotherapy – I had the most shocking side effects after that Chemo, I was so grateful that I had been having the IV Therapy and never missed another before Chemo again. (I managed to retain my hair)

I received such professionalism, it was refreshing. The staff are very knowledgeable about the services provided. Any questions are always answered with sincerity. Recommend it and always revisit.

Mary-Jo Neale

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