An Insiders Insight Into The Cosmetic Industry

An Insiders Insight Into The Cosmetic Industry

An Insiders Insight Into The Cosmetic Industry

Posted by Chique | September 5, 2018 | Blog, Facts, Health & Well Being, News, Skin Care
An Insiders Insight Into the Cosmetic Industry

An Insiders Insight Into The Cosmetic Industry

Recently, the cosmetic industry has been put under increasing scrutiny due to the rise in unregulated cosmetic treatments and the normalisation of the industry due to the rise of mass marketing fuelled by social media and it’s influencers. We take a look at some areas within the cosmetic industry we find unethical and needs more attention from regulators. Aside from expressing our concerns, this also helps to express how important providing an ethical and professional service is to our clients. 

This is well and truly the era of the cosmetic industry boom. Currently, Australians spend almost a billion dollars a year on cosmetic procedures and are the biggest consumers of cosmetic injectable products in the world per capita.  Whether consumers are having some kind of work done, going under the knife or having some cheeky fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, in this day and age, it’s becoming very affordable and assessable to a wide demographic of consumers.

According to Louise Milligan of Four Corners, “This incredible dollar spend on cosmetic procedures include treatments such as botox, dermal filler, breast implants and the latest craze, the Brazilian butt lift. They’re all part of a lucrative industry that has evolved rapidly with the arrival of companies offering low price surgery and driven by a frenzy of promotion on social media.” Unfortunately, much of this goes on without effective oversight by the medical authorities. Only a few years ago cosmetic surgery was considered something only the middle-aged would do and never admit to, however with the rise of the YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook generation, those taboos are now gone.

One area of concern within the cosmetic industry (as we are also concerned about here at Chique) is the scheme by which many cosmetic injectors are paid. Many large chain cosmetic clinics pay their injectors on a commission basis, meaning rather than getting an hourly rate, the injector takes a cut of the money each client has spent on their injectable treatments. This kind of commission based payment to subcontracted injectors may be driving the over-servicing and decreased duration times of consultations. In our opinion, this kind of model incentivises clinicians to perform more treatments with more product than may needed, in the shortest time period.  Contrary to this model, it is common practice for our Chique injectors to turn away clients who we feel would not benefit from cosmetic injectable treatments.  In this industry, as with all areas of medicine the interests of the patient need to come first.  It’s simply a matter of ethics.

As previously mentioned, commission-based models naturally lead injectors to work quicker,  which could reasonably impact safety and end outcomes for patients.  Faster appointments and high volumes product/medication is cornerstone of of commission based business models which is used by many big chain clinics.  We believe this model directly conflicts with the duty of care incumbent on a medical professional.  Where you have a remuneration system which rewards speed and volume we ask, ‘what what end outcome would YOU expect to occur?’  At Chique, our injectors are paid an hourly remuneration that is NOT dependant on the volume of product injected.  You can be assured the recommendations you receive by Chique are based on what is good for YOU, not the injector’s hip pocket.

Social Media and marketing play a huge role in the normalisation of cosmetic surgery with many celebrities and popular Instagramers openly showing off their new ‘enhanced’ appearances.  A ‘normalising’ of unnatural facial and body contours is due to it’s popularity on social media is generally not what most of our clients are seeking.   We believe injectable aesthetic products were always designed to address anti-ageing, facial rejuvenation and facial correction, with a focus on appropriate balance and symmetry of the natural contours of the face and body.  While there is a market for “insta-lips” and “insta-fillers”, this is mostly driven by patient demand from a larger proportion of younger patients seeking this ‘look’.  It has become a fashion. Clinicians should consider carefully if this is the type of work they wish to focus on and be known for.

We don’t post a lot of before and after photos as most of our clients want to look BETTER without looking DIFFERENT.   This is the true art of good cosmetic injecting and a core belief of all Chique and The Dripclub injectors.  Injectable enhancement for many people is a private decision. Again, we believe improvement should be imperceivable to family and friends but garner many compliments about how great you are looking.

We agree that cosmetic injecting is a specialisation that should be achieved through appropriate training and supervision.  All of our staff undergo regular training and are fully qualified medical professionals that maintain the highest standards of practice. Unfortunately, there is currently no nationally certified  training framework for cosmetic injecting.   It simply does not exist.  We call upon government and regulators to rectify this and give cosmetic injectors the recognition and certification they deserve for gaining competence in this specialisation.  Cosmetic injecting requires the highest level of skill and is a lengthy apprenticeship to obtain adequate experience.  What is needed is a government regulated national training benchmark to protect the public and the industry as a whole.

If you have any questions about how Chique provides its cosmetic service, please feel free to consult with our staff as we encourage a better understanding of our practices and how they differ from industrialised clinics focusing on high turnover and the incentivised business model.  As our tagline says, “Fabulous Luxury Delivered with LOVE”.  We love each and every one of our clients and are proud to give you the results you want.  No more, no less!

With LOVE, the Chique Team. Xx

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