The Anti-wrinkle Diet
Posted by Chique | 02 07 2019

The Anti-wrinkle Diet!  There are critical dietary factors that are scientifically proven to affect the way we age. This article will cover the science and solution behind the anti-wrinkle diet....

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Microdermabrasion vs Hydrodermabrasion
Posted by Chique | 01 05 2019

Microdermabrasion versus Hydrodermabrasion? By Denise - Is your skin feeling tired and dehydrated from the summer months? Is it feeling dull and in need of some TLC? If you answered...

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Target problem areas with Cryoshape
Posted by Chique | 31 03 2019

Target Problem Areas with Cryoshape  Non-invasive fat reducing treatments   By Abigail Hoad Are you experiencing trouble with fat loss? Are those jeans that used to fit so perfectly just...

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Tighten unwanted belly skin after pregnancy
Posted by Chique | 03 03 2019

How To Tighten Unwanted Belly Skin Post Pregnancy Forget Mummy Tummy with Radio Frequency and Skin Needling   By Abigail Hoad Pregnancy and childbirth can be a wonderfully exciting experience...

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Chiques Vampire PRP Series
Posted by Chique | 01 02 2019

Chique’s Vampire PRP Series  PRP regenerative skin and body therapies; revive your body at the cellular level!  The Vampire Series of treatments was originally pioneered by Dr Charles Runels MD.  Dr Runels actively promoted his signature treatments such as “The...

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10 Tips For Healthy Living
Posted by Chique | 10 01 2019

Put your health first: 10 Healthwise Tips for 2019 After a long month of festivities in December, it is understandable that our bodies need some TLC to recover to their...

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Posted by Chique | 01 12 2018

The festive season is back! ... Dust off those party shoes and celebrate the best of the festive season! With so much going on this time of year in regards...

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Vitamin C and Skin Health
Posted by Chique | 30 09 2018

The Important Role That Vitamin C Plays With Our Skin Health   Vitamin C, otherwise known as ascorbic acid doesn’t just have important health benefits, but is also amazing for our skin!  This...

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An Insiders Insight Into the Cosmetic Industry
Posted by Chique | 05 09 2018

An Insiders Insight Into The Cosmetic Industry Recently, the cosmetic industry has been put under increasing scrutiny due to the rise in unregulated cosmetic treatments and the normalisation of the industry due...

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ellaV8 hifu at Chique Solutions
Posted by Chique | 01 08 2018

For those searching for a safe, non-surgical skin tightening option to rejuvenate the face or body, there are a few options including EllaV8! EllaV8 is High-Frequency Ultrasound (HIFU) but is...

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