Why Avoid Cheap Cleansers and Skin Care Products
Posted by Chique | 01 09 2019

Why Avoid Cheap Cleansers and Skin Care Products? By Abigail Hoad While many of our beloved cleansers, moisturisers and sunscreens are affordable, they are also potentially doing more harm than...

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Chique Solutions is not just a Beauty Salon
Posted by Chique | 01 08 2019

Top 10 Reasons Chique Solutions is not just a Beauty Salon From time to time, people may understandably refer to our clinic as a beauty salon as there is an...

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The Anti-wrinkle Diet
Posted by Chique | 02 07 2019

The Anti-wrinkle Diet!  There are critical dietary factors that are scientifically proven to affect the way we age. This article will cover the science and solution behind the anti-wrinkle diet....

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An Insiders Insight Into the Cosmetic Industry
Posted by Chique | 05 09 2018

An Insiders Insight Into The Cosmetic Industry Recently, the cosmetic industry has been put under increasing scrutiny due to the rise in unregulated cosmetic treatments and the normalisation of the industry due...

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Posted by Chique | 29 05 2018

Introducing Permanent Fat Dissolving Injections This treatment has been around for over four years and has been approved by the TGA, FDA, and CE or European medical clearance organisations.  It can thus be said that...

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Get Slim With CryoShape
Posted by Chique | 30 04 2018

Get Slim with CryoShape: A safe, non-invasive way to lose unwanted fat CryoShape, is a safe, non-surgical and non-invasive fat removal technique that delivers remarkable, lasting results without the need for surgery....

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Posted by Chique | 12 04 2018

CHIQUE'S PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Synergie's SuperSerum is a revolutionary new anti-aging serum and here at Chique, we are in love! If you haven't tried this amazing age-rewinding serum, get...

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Monopolar Radio Frequency at Chique
Posted by Chique | 20 03 2018

Chique is proud to offer a new and innovative treatment in skin tightening and fat reduction, Radio Frequency! What is Monopolar Radio Frequency? Based on the scientific term Radio frequency...

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Semi Dermal Fillers Explained
Posted by Chique | 09 03 2018

Semi Permanent Fillers Explained   Chique is proud to offer the next generation of Semi-Permanent Bio-stimulating Fillers! The most exciting and upcoming trend in facial restoration.   Kim Papp clinic...

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LED Light Therapy
Posted by Chique | 05 03 2018

Rejuvenate Your Skin With The Power Of LED Light Therapy! LED Advanced Light Therapy is painless, non-invasive, risk-free, safe for all skin types and has absolutely no recovery time whatsoever!...

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