Chique’s Vampire PRP Series

Chique’s Vampire PRP Series

Chique’s Vampire PRP Series

Posted by Chique | February 1, 2019 | Blog, Health & Well Being, PRP Therapy
Chiques Vampire PRP Series

Chique’s Vampire PRP Series 

PRP regenerative skin and body therapies; revive your body at the cellular level! 

The Vampire Series of treatments was originally pioneered by Dr Charles Runels MD.  Dr Runels actively promoted his signature treatments such as “The Vampire FaceliftTM”, “The O-ShotTM” and “The P-ShotTM” to A-List Celebrities who need to look at their best.  PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy has been in use for years as a low risk, high reward regenerative therapy.  This treatment uses your own blood and growth factors to stimulate tissue regeneration and repair.  Chique’s Vampire PRP therapies promote long lasting healing and growth of human tissue with little to no possibility of allergic reaction.  

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Tiger Woods have all been known to use PRP therapy, but why should this science be reserved for celebrities?!  Chique now brings these cutting edge treatments to you. 

How PRP Therapy works: 

Use your own blood to stimulate growth of collagen, elastin and even microcirculation: 

Whan you have an injury to your soft tissue, your body naturally sends platelets to the area to start the wound healing process.  PRP treatments directly introduce extra platelets via injection to the specific areas you would like to improve.  Once in the tissue, the platelets release their growth factors that stimulate the healing process resulting in the regeneration and healing of the tissue at the site of injection. 

How it is done? 
Your trained medical professional will begin by comfortably drawing your blood into a PRP test tube.  The blood is then centrifuged (spun) to separate the PRP from the red blood cells.  The PRP is then prepared specific to the procedure that is being performed.  Because PRP is essentially you there is not possibility of allergic reaction to your own blood. 

What you need to know: 
The success of the treatment is largely determined by the health of your own cells, as it is YOUR platelets which make all the magic happen.  For maximum results we recommend a healthy eating an exercise programme in conjunction with supplementation that will be recommended to you by the clinic.  Smokers are not recommended for this treatment due to reduced platelet function and therefore poor outcomes.  Cessation of smoking should occur 3 months prior to treatment to gain adequate results. 

Outside the few initial pin pricks these treatments offer minimal discomfort.  Experience non-surgical improvement with minimal downtime that can be performed in you lunch hour! 

The Vampire PRP Series Treatments: 

Vampire FacialTM
Combine PRP with Demapen technology to improve skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles and overall skin health.  Results leave you with a beautiful healthy glow.  The Vampire Facial may also be prerformed on other parts of the body such as the abdomen, arms and thighs to improves skin texture, scarring and stretchmarks.  The whole area is numbed to ensure that you have a comfortable treatment. 

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations!  At Chique CosMedical Skin & Body Solutions our protocols include actually INJECTING the PRP with our high quality mesogun which is quick and painless.  Only then do we follow up with a dermal needling procedure with Dermapen.  Most clinics just needle in the PRP which only delivers a small amount of the plasma to the skin tissue.  Injecting the PRP ensures more PRP gets into the tissue and you get better results. 

Vampire FaceliftTM 
The Vampire Facelift gives all the benefits of the vampire facial as well as providing beautiful volume and lift.  This is done by combining a hyaluronic acid filler to create a more youthful shape to the face and under eye area.  The Vampire facelift can also help smooth skin texture, improve fine lines, wrinkles and encourage the growth of new blood vessels increasing microcirculation to provide you with a beautiful radiant complexion! 

Vampire Eye RejuvenationTM 
Do you have dark circles or a thick and creepy eye area?  Try and injection of PRP to the area to reduce dark circles by about 50% and repair the dry and fragile skin that is common in the eye area.  A quick and safe treatment that can be performed in half an hour! 

The PRP BreastliftTM 
Breast PRP Therapy before and afterA wonderful non-surgical option if you are looking for a fuller, firmer appearance to your cleavage.  Restore lost volume in key areas and create a better skin tone and upper breast fullness.  This treatment is even appropriate after a breast augmentation. 

The O-ShotTM 
A girl’s best friend!  The O-Shot is used to enhance sexual arousal, more powerful orgasms, treat urinary incontinence and enhance intimate health. 

The PRP Designer VaginaTM 
For those who would like not only to improve the function of the vagina but also to improve appearance, skin texture, asymmetry and lost volume.  The PRP Designer Vagina treatment includes all the benefits of the O-Shot as well as hyaluronic acid filler into the labia majora.  Improve function with something a little extra for your confidence. 

Vampire PRP Therapy Benefits

The P-ShotTM 
Enhance sexual arousal, performance and treat erectile dysfunction.  The P-Shot aims to improve blood flow, sensitivity, hardness of erections and performance.  Some modest changes in size may also be achieved. 

The PRP HandliftTM 
Fantastic for people with aged and/or skeletal looking hands.  Restore lost volume, remove sunspots and turn back the clock on your skin texture.  A revolutionary mixed modality treatment aimed at giving you more youthful hands you will want to show off! 

PRP Hair Restoration Packages 
This multi-modal three month treatment program includes PRP to the scalp area and well as other adjective treatments to promote the return of your hair to its’ former glory.  This treatment works best the earlier you start  – so what’s stopping you? 

Download our Vampire PRP Series brochure

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the highest quality Vampire PRP Therapies. Our technicians are fully qualified and experienced in advanced techniques in PRP therapy. Want to find out more?

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