Our Staff

Our Staff

Our Staff

Kim Papp – Cosmetic Nurse 

Kim is a qualified nurse having been trained in the latest cosmetic injecting techniques as well as having certification through the ACMN for intravenous nutrient therapies. She has been trained both domestically and internationally in the latest light therapy protocols and skin solutions techniques.

Kim holds a national accreditation as a laser technician and experienced at treating a vast array of skin conditions using not only in-clinic treatment options but lifestyle and diet advise.  Her passion for scientifically proven natural therapies enables her to holistically recommend ways of changing your skin and achieving optimum health at the same time.

All Nurses at Chique receive ongoing training on all the latest cosmetic injecting techniques, infection control procedures and ACMN training and education.


Our Eyelash Extension Specialists

Eyelashes are our passion!  Our girls can create the look you want whether it be natural, defining or simply glamorous!  All Eyelash Specialists at Chique are passionate about achieving the look you want.  All our girls receive training on all the latest eyelash extension techniques and infection control procedures.

Maddy DriverClinic Manager

I am currently studying Enrolled Nursing and am passionate about the Medical Aesthetic and Health industry. I have been working at Chique and The Dripclub for over four years now! I absolutely love our team and I strive to help our clients on a daily basis to look and feel their best!

Kristy CookRegistered Nurse

Kristy is a registered nurse with over 15 years’ experience and spent her first 10 years working in a major public hospital, predominantly in the area of women’s health. After the birth of her first child, Kristy started to developed a passion for health and wellness and has been doing nutritional medicine since 2015. Feeling and looking good goes hand in hand and starts from the inside.

Karen DrizRegistered Nurse

I love being part of the nursing and beauty industry. Health is so important which is why I provide IV Nutrient Therapy and Cosmetic Injectables. The client interaction is different and exciting! Being able to help people feel good about themselves, on the inside and out, is a rewarding feeling and favourite part of my work.