Anti-ageing Alcohol Promises Health and Fighting Off Wrinkles As You Drink

Posted by Chique | May 31, 2016 | Blog, Health & Well Being

We advise you to drink responsibly. Benefits of alcohol mentioned below are only if consumed in moderation.

This Resveratrol enhanced wine is formally knows as The Wine Doctor label established by the medical and wine historian Dr Phillip Norrie  who believes healthier wine is the best preventative medicine to slow down the aging process and therefore extend human life expectancy.


One of the main ways the body ages or degenerates is by oxidation, the same process that causes rusting. That is why there is now great interest in antioxidants of various types, because antioxidants are substances that retard or slow down this deterioration by oxidation.

The main antioxidants in wine are epicatechin, quercitin and more importantly the polyphenol Resveratrol. These are nature’s most potent antioxidants because they can reduce oxidation by up to 100% i.e. stop it altogether as shown by Dr. Frankel at the University in California at Davis in California.

The human body uses many complex biochemical pathways and reactions to function; but these reactions result in waste products such as free radicals (molecular compounds that contain an extra unpaired electron). These free radicals are the body’s terrorists and cause biological havoc which helps contribute to our degenerative ongoing diseases such as cancer, dementia, diabetes, vascular disease (heart attack and stroke), macular degeneration (most common cause of blindness in people over 65) and arthritis.

The fermentation process, in making wine, produces alcohol and liberates these antioxidants from the grape skin, which also block the effect of these free radicals.  Hence can contribute to preventing heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc.

Simply eating grapes, or drinking grape juice, has been suggested as one way to get resveratrol without drinking alcohol.

Resveratrol in supplements can’t be absorbed by your body, thus better consumed through drink or food.

It’s not yet known how beneficial eating grapes or other foods [with resveratrol including peanuts, blueberries and cranberries] might be compared with drinking red wine when it comes to promoting heart health.

ANOTHER drink, gin, is delicious. But, alas, not all delicious things are good for you. That could be about to change, as someone has developed a gin with purported anti-ageing properties. They say it will make you look more youthful because it is distilled with ingestible collagen and “age-defying” botanicals that include juniper, licorice and chamomile, among others.

Collagen is a protein that is part of our connective tissues and helps give skin its full, firm look. It’s commonly found in a number of skincare products but as of late, has become a popular additive to foods. Our collagen levels dwindle as we grow older, causing wrinkles and a loss of firmness in skin.

Whether drinking collagen actually makes you look younger remains to be seen, but those who want to test it out can try this gin, aptly named Anti-AGin!

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