Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

If you want glamorous, long, voluminous lashes without the clumping, residue and mess that comes with mascara, then you are destined to book a visit with our Celebrity EyeStylists!

Dermal FillersChique Celebrity EyeStylists provide the absolute highest level of expertise in applying and maintaining your gorgeous lashes. We have lashes to suit all occasions, from the day to day glamour queen to the party all night girl lash clusters, to semi-permanent individually graded lash extensions. Our extensions are renowned within industry and clientele and we use only premium light weight lashes, applying each one individually to create length and thickness that lasts.

At Chique, we pride ourselves in using the highest quality eyelash, eyebrow and makeup products. Our technicians are fully qualified and experienced in tailoring a style to suit you.

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24 February 2016 | Eyes/Brows