Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic Tattooing

Want to go somewhere you can trust for Permanent Make-up? Look for Cosmetic Tattooing at Chique!

At Chique we offer a full range of cosmetic tattooing services including brow microblading as well as eyeliner and permanent lip colour. Our Cosmetic Tattoist is a Qualified Beauty Therapist, Cosmetic Tattooist and Makeup Artist with over 10 years experience. Having undertaken International Training in Brow Microblading our technician is one of A HANDFUL in Australia and the first in Adelaide to be certified to offer this style of Microblading.

Eyeliner Tattoo

The pigment we use is 100% free of heavy metals including Iron Oxide. The pigments are also free of Tatrazine which lessens the potential for an allergic reaction and it is also a hydrophobic pigment which means it will not migrate under the skin, making the hair strokes much sharper in appearance. Although this procedure is a little like tattooing there is a major difference between Microblading and permanently tattooed brows. Brows created by Microblading technique will fade within a year, although everyones body reacts differently too. The Microblading technique allows for a much more natural appearance.

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