Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

If you want glamorous, long, voluminous lashes without the clumping, residue and mess that comes with mascara, then you are destined to book a visit with our Celebrity Eye Stylists!

Dermal FillersChique Celebrity Eye Stylists provide the absolute highest level of expertise in applying and maintaining your gorgeous lashes. We have lashes to suit all occasions, from the day to day glamour queen to the party all night girl lash clusters, to semi-permanent individually graded lash extensions. Our extensions are renowned within industry and clientele and we use only premium light weight lashes, applying each one individually to create length and thickness that lasts.

At Chique, we pride ourselves in using the highest quality eyelash, eyebrow and makeup products. Our technicians are fully qualified and experienced in tailoring a style to suit you.

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Chique Eye and Brow Styling

Just Beyond the Reach of Natural; Step into the World of Glamour!

The world of eyelash extension is fun and glamorous.  Imagine having long luscious lashes perfect for every occasion and every day!  Prepare to have people look twice when you wear lashes from Chique Laser Clinic.  Choose from our range of beautiful full set of glamour, mink, silk and wedding lashes. Our aim is to ensure you love your lashes and leave our clinic happy to show them off to the world.

Wake up beautiful – no need for mascara or a curler ever again

Chique Laser Clinic have a vast number of different styles of high quality lashes and glues for you to choose from depending on the look you would like to achieve and the bonding strength desired.  Your eyelash extension will be custom designed to suit your personality and lifestyle and accentuate your own lashes with a se of your choice;

  • Natural
  • Obviously Accentuating
  • Long and dramatic

Choose from silk, real Siberian mink or synthetic in any length your heart desires.  The difference between the sets is not the length of the lash but the amount of lashes and time spent making them individual.

We use medical grade glues and removers and ensure the safety and health of your eyes are priority.

As we are a paramedical clinic specialising in non-surgical aesthetic treatments, we autoclave all of our equipment.  This ensures the items used for your extensions are sterile and safe.  We present the equipment we will be using for your treatment in a sterile packet and open immediately before we apply your lashes.

Application Menu

For clients unsure of the look they would like to have prior to application please book today for a free consultation to choose the style and type of lash you would like applied.


Individual Eyelash Extensions Sets
Step into the world of glamour with permanent extensions for every day wear or special occasions

Lash types included in the price: Synthetic, silk, mink

Doe Eyed set
Perfect for an ultra-natural look.
Lashes application is focused on the outer edge and naturally incremented to the inside eye.

Demi Set
Great as an introductory set.
Lash application is light and natural all the way across the eye having a spaced and incremented look.

Full Set
Great for everyday wear
A full set of lash of your choice with a lash place on every second lash.

Glamour Set
Perfect for special occasions
This set is one of our most popular sets and will give you full and has volumising affect giving any set you choose a real wow factor.

Bridal/Star Set

This set is perfect for special events, A-lister’s and performers.

This is great for the bride who wants a natural but volumising look or for the performer that needs to be seen from afar. This set is perfectly incremented to suit your eyes and will give a fuller look but can be made natural or full on glamorous depending on the thickness and length of lash you choose.

Your therapist will spend a lot of time making your star/ bridal set individual and perfect in every way only applying a single lash on a single lash.

No more mascara needed, happy tears are welcomed

Bridal Trial

This includes application and consultation on the length, thickness, curl and type of material of lash you would like applied for that special day. Take your time to decide without feeling rushed. We guarantee to make you look beautiful.


Glitter Lashes
For party and special occasion wear, great for Christmas and your favourite sporting event. Colours come in Red, Blue, Green and Silver

Swarovski crystals
Choose from pink, red, light green. Emerald, Light blue, Navy blue, Gold and Silver

Coloured Lashes
You can mix and match red, blue, green, orange, port wine, pink, light brown, dark brown and yellow.

Party Lashes/ Flares
Great for a one day event. Can be applied using a permanent or semi- permanent glue


Please ask us about our aftercare products as these will extend the life of your lashes.  If they save you one infill, it pays for itself!


Infill’s are charged by increment of time to make it more convenient for you to comeback when you feel you need to.
15 minutes
30 minutes
45 minutes


BEWARE OF FAKES: Not all eyelash extensions salons or technicians in Adelaide are the same. You must make sure your lash technician is formally trained and understands the health risks associated with poorly applied lashes.  We urge you to do your research before choosing a therapist…. and If you want the best eyelash extension application then why not just come and see us a Chique, it’s worth the trip…

At Chqiue Laser Clinic we specialise in repairing poorly applied lashes.

Do your research and choose a therapist with professional training and experience. Your therapist should be trained in all aspects of safety and correct application. Some places may be cheaper but their technicians have had very little training or no training at all.

Regardless of the cost and the time spent having them applied you don’t want to walk out with:

Issues associated with poor application include:

  • Glue clumps
  • Eyelashes going in the wrong direction
  • Eyelashes that were too long or short because you didn’t get a say in the length
  • Eyelashes that are one size all the way across the eye, no incrementation
  • Eyelashes applied too close to the eye causing irritation from the rubbing of the extension
  • Infection from cross contamination and poor sanitisation techniques (do they sterilise their equipment?)

We fix poorly applied lashes regularly so don’t let this happen to you.

Questions about our eyelash extensions? Contact us!

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  • Eyelash Extensions
    • Avoid touching your lashes straight after application for about three hours and avoid water on lashes for 24hrs
    • Avoid steam from showers, saunas, and other steaming products for the first 24 hours
    • Avoid the use of lash curlers
    • Do not cleanse skin in the shower
    • Avoid putting your face directly into the shower stream
    • Do not apply waterproof mascara
    • Only use specially recommended mascara, as wearing some mascaras can lead to lash loss
    • Take extra care with your lashes. No rubbing and be careful when pulling clothes over the head
    • Do NOT Use OIL/LANOLIN based eye makeup removers
    • Keep moisturiser and sunscreen away from lashes
    • Use a very gentle non-oily makeup remover such as Synergie Micellution with gentle downward strokes
    • Avoid tinting or lash lifting procedures
    • Use a lash wand to brush and separate lashes instead of fingers