Monopolar Radio Frequency

Monopolar Radio Frequency

Monopolar Radio Frequency

Monopolar radio frequency (RF) treatments are used for beauty treatments to reduce wrinkles by tightening the skin in problem areas including the face and body as well as reduce cellulite.


Skin Treatments

This revolutionary process avoids pain and reduces the time involved with most other procedures that perform the same function.

Instead of using abrasive chemical substances or other invasive techniques, monopolar radio frequency targets inner layers of the skin, causing it to react to low frequency heat energy that do not burn or damage the outer layer of the skin.

When low frequency waves interact with the skin, through a conduit called a node, they cause vibrations that cause the skin to tighten.

As the skin tightens, pores begin to close and wrinkles naturally become less prominent. This effect is faster than waiting for the skin to absorb nutrients and moisture from lotions and other treatments.

Monopolar Radio Frequency at Chique

RF for Skin Tightening

Because our skin is elastic, it responds to a variety of stimuli. When the skin is exposed to RF tightening skin waves, the skin contracts and vibrates, causing pores to close and to become smaller.

When radio frequency skin tightening is maintained at a regular intervals, an improved beneficial effect can be maintained.

During treatment, a probe is rubbed against your face which is connected to an RF generator that produces a safe, low frequency. This exposure will vibrate the skin, and will begin to feel slightly warm.

Radio Frequency for Wrinkles

Monopolar RF reduces wrinkles by pulling together folds and then evens them out.

Radio frequency skin tightening requires no cutting or repositioning of the skin, and has significantly fewer side effects than older laser skin therapies. Much like laser treatment, RF energy penetrates both the epidermis and the dermis to tighten and rejuvenate the skin, but it causes no damage to existing skin cells.

Wrinkles can be targeted in a number of areas including around the eyes and face.

Radio Frequency for Cellulite

Because of the skin’s reaction to radio waves, it can also be used to target cellulite and is referred to as radio frequency cellulite treatment.

By targeting thigh fat electromagnetic waves cause the fat to burn up while leaving other tissues and cells alone.

During the same treatment, the waves also cause the skin to tighten thus avoiding issues such as sagging skin and wrinkles forming around the area targeted by fat reduction.

Radio Frequency for the Face

Monopolar Radio Frequency Before And After FaceRadio frequency facial treatment methods are an increasingly popular method used to reduce wrinkles and have many advantages over other conventional facial care methods.

While this approach is relatively new, the benefits of this application from a single treatment can last for several years.

The placement of a face radio frequency treatment tool upon the face is used in conjunction with cooling gels prior to protect the epidermis from the direct contact of the RF waves and ensures that only the lower layers of the skin are affected.


Radio Frequency (RF)

  • Hydrate well after treatment as this may produce a better result
  • Avoid vigorously rubbing the skin after treatment
  • Gently wash your face or body area treated and continue with your usual simple skincare routine
  • Avoid laser and any light-based treatments, chemical peels, waxing, the use of depilatories, or microdermabrasion for 3-4 weeks after treatment
  • It is usual to expect some possible tenderness, swelling, warmth, and redness on the treated areas for a few days to a week after treatment
  • Where possible sleep on two pillows for the first 24-48 hours post treatment to decrease swelling
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