Non Invasive Chin Sculpting

Non Invasive Chin Sculpting

Chin Fat Injections

Introducing a Non-surgical, Non-Invasive Solution for Chin Sculpting


Traditionally, removing the appearance of what’s known as the “double chin” has been difficult to accomplish often requiring drastic measures in lifestyle and invasive surgical procedures. While not necessarily a health concern, many people target this region for improvement during a weight loss program, or individually in order to feel more confident in their appearance. Now, with the introduction of safe and effective fat dissolving injections, there is an easier way to diminish unwanted fat and reduce the appearance of a double chin.

What Causes Excessive Chin Fat?

There can be a number of factors that contribute to the development of a double chin including age, diet, overall weight, genetics and poor posture over time.


What Can Be Done?

While there can be a few reasons why a double chin develops, there are a few different treatment options to consider in reducing the accumulation of chin fat including a procedure known as Chin Sculpting.


What Is Chin Sculpting?

Simply, Chin Sculpting is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment procedure that reduces fat accumulation under the chin area using localised injections.


How Does Chin Sculpting Work?

After consultation with our experienced staff, a series of clinically proven TGA approved fat dissolving injections are applied to the area. This naturally occurring compound, produced in our bodies to aid in the reduction of fat, then goes to work breaking down fat cells which the body then absorbs and removes altogether.


Typically, the number of injections and frequency of treatments you will need varies depending on the individual. This is assessed during the initial consultation processwhich also includes discussion concerning expectations and suitability, and your personalised treatment plan is tailored and reviewed.  Generally speaking, a minimum of two treatments is required with most patients needing three.  Some people may require four or more treatments.  Treatments take only 15-20 minutes with each treatment spaced at an interval between four to six weeks. A local numbing agent is applied reducing feelings of discomfort.


What Can I Expect?

Visible results are seen within two to four treatments. While side effects vary, Chin Sculpting clients should expect some initial swelling, bruising and mild discomfort. Exercise should be avoided for 24 hours after treatment. The end results of Chin Sculpting treatments are permanent, however with and increase of age or weight a treatment every four to five years is generally recommended.


Other treatments recommended in conjunction with Injectable Chin Sculpting Treatments Available at Chique

EllaV8: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatments – lifts skin and eliminates saggy skin under the chin and neck.

SilhouetteRF: Monopolar Radiofrequency to tighten skin around the jawline and further dissolve adipose tissue aiding further definition.

Vampire PRP Skin Rejuvenation: plump, refine and turn back the clock on ageing skin in the neck area using this advanced skin boosting technology.

Synergie Elastenase: Synergie Skin’s advanced formulation décolleté and neck firming cream.



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So, if you’ve been unhappy with your appearance underneath the chin area and would prefer to seek treatment without undergoing an invasive surgical process, Chin Sculpting at Chique may be the answer.


For more information, or to speak with one of our experienced staff, contact Chique to learn more and schedule an initial consultation.

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