PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy

Revive your body at the cellular level! Use your own blood and growth factors to stimulate new tissue growth with PRP Therapy.

The Vampire Facial® uses Dermapen® technology, which can greatly improve skin’s texture and overall health. Results of this treatment leave you with a beautiful, healthy glow! Can also be done on other parts of the body to improving the appearance of surgical scarring, acne scarring as well as stretchmarks. The Vampire Face Lift® can create beautiful volume and lift, thus creating a more youthful shape to the face and under-eye area. It can also help you grow new tissue to smooth your skin’s texture and encourage the growth of new blood vessels that will increase microcirculation and provide you with a beautiful radiant complexion!

PRP Therapy at Chique

The O-Shot® – a girl’s best friend! The O-Shot is used to enhance sexual arousal, achieve more powerful orgasms, treat urinary incontinence, and enhance intimate health.

The P-Shot® is used to enhance sexual arousal, performance and treat erectile dysfunction.

The PRP Breast Lift® is a wonderful non-surgical option if you are looking for a fuller, firmer appearance and not a dramatic change. Restore lost volume in key areas leaving you with better skin tone and cleavage. This treatment is appropriate even after breast augmentation!

The PRP Nipple Lift® can restore sensation to the nipple and areola which may have been lost due to breastfeeding, implants, or other breast augmentations.

The PRP Hand Lift® is fantastic for people with aged hands. Restore lost volume, remove sunspots and turn back the clock on your skin texture. A revolutionary mixed modality treatment aimed at giving you more youthful hands you will want to show off!

The PRP Designer Vagina® is for those who would like not only to improve the function of the vagina but also to improve appearance, skin texture, asymmetry and lost volume. The PRP Designer Vagina® treatment includes all the benefits of the O-Shot with something extra for you and your confidence.

PRP for Musculoskeletal Injury is one of the lowest risk/highest reward treatments for musculoskeletal injury – no cortisone or surgery required! Reduce inflammation in the joint and stimulate tissue repair, naturally. With little or no downtime, PRP for Musculoskeletal injury is the treatment of choice for people on the go!

Watch Kim walk through how PRP Therapy is done at Chique Solutions.

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