Semi Permanent Fillers

Semi Permanent Fillers

At Chique we believe facial enhancement is about seeing each patient as an individual. We take the time to establish YOUR needs and concerns with a half hour consultation so our staff can fully understand the results you’re looking for.

Our Doctors and Nurses are specially trained to focus on removing the signs of ageing. We pay close attention to enhancing your natural features so you can look beautiful and feel vibrant.

Semi-Permanent Fillers can be used to treat areas of the face which are affected by deep lines, wrinkles and folds.

Treatable areas include lines above the lip, cheeks and chin. The jaw line, jowls and temple are also treatable.

Semi-Permanent Fillers work differently from traditional fillers because it is a replenishing procedure that helps to gradually and subtly reduce lines, wrinkles and folds over time.

Results with Semi-Permanent Fillers can be dramatic and work by rebuilding the original framework of your features lost over time. Semi-Permanent Fillers are designed to produce a natural looking result with changes taking place over time.

Side effects associated with all this procedure can include tenderness and redness in the area as well as bruising and some swelling. There may also be some bleeding at the site of injection. All of these symptoms are generally resolved within 2-5 days.

At Chique we use the latest procedures to help make you look and feel alive and vibrant. Talk with us to find out more about Semi-Permanent Fillers, and how they can help take years off of your face.

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