PRP Treatments… Are You Ready?

PRP Treatments… Are You Ready?

PRP Treatments… Are You Ready?

PRP Treatments… are you ready?

Blood treatment, anyone? Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) is a popular health trend that has been around for a while and millennials are loving it. No longer do you have to get painful surgeries done to achieve that glow- PRP treatments are the way to go. What exactly is PRP though?

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP)

This is a substance that contains plasma which is the liquid part of your blood that is injected into your body to rejuvenate tissues and cells. PRP is taken from your own body and the necessary treatments are done to extract the platelets. Medical doctors may use PRP treatments on injuries, damaged tendons, tissues, muscles, ligaments and skin. Have you heard of the great Tiger Woods? Well, news flash, he has used this treatment to help with healing his athletic injury. 

Why PRP?

Say hello to the Clotters-Platelets! They are the controllers of the incredible action of PRP treatments. They are mainly responsible for helping your blood to clot and prevents you from bleeding out when you get an open wound. The platelets have biological properties such as the releasing of growth factors that help to stimulate healing of the body after injuries. This means more collagen production!  Since these little agents are involved in doing such great work in the body, more of them must be great to have, right?  And because it is your own blood, it is 100% natural!

PRP Therapy Diagram

PRP Therapy helps to:

  • Reduce hair loss
  • Reduce ageing
  • Improves surgical scars
  • Removes stretch marks and acne 

Things to Consider before doing PRP treatment

You may need to stop taking certain blood thinners before getting PRP injection. You might also need to hold off from taking certain vitamins but don’t worry, your doctor will advise you about the best thing to do.

There you have it, PRP in a nutshell!

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