Target Problem Areas with Cryoshape 

Target Problem Areas with Cryoshape 

Target Problem Areas with Cryoshape 

Posted by Chique | March 31, 2019 | Blog, Cryolipolysis, Cyroshape, Skin Care
Target problem areas with Cryoshape

Target Problem Areas with Cryoshape 

Non-invasive fat reducing treatments


Abigail Hoad

By Abigail Hoad

Are you experiencing trouble with fat loss?

Are those jeans that used to fit so perfectly just not pulling up anymore? Sick of dieting exercising and changing your lifestyle yet not seeing those love handles, muffin top or arm and leg fat disappear? We have all been there… Well at Chique we have the solution for you!… For as little as $599 per treatment.

Cryoshape! What is it?

Cryoshape (similar to the Coolsculpt) is a revolutionary non- invasive treatment that targets the stubborn layer of fat called ‘Subcutaneous fat’.  Cryo fat reduction is perfect for spot reduction and those stubborn areas that don’t respond well to exercise or dieting.

How does it work?

Cryoshape uses the power of cooling to eliminate the stubborn fat, by using a vacuum pressured handpiece that flows cold air to the point of freezing the subcutaneous fat cells. The best part about this non-surgical procedure means surrounding tissue and muscles are not affected as Subcutaneous fat is sensitive to cold versus the other muscle and tissue is not.

What to expect?

Straight after your Cryoshape treatment your body starts the eliminate the dead fat cells by transporting them through the lymphatic system. For up to 3 months results will continue to show, we recommend 3-6 treatments depending on area and amount of fat present this will also determine by the way you look after your body after treatment!

What does the treatment actually involve?

The process of the treatment goes for an hour long ( yes you can fit this in your lunch break!) includes a thorough consultation, measurements, weight recorded (for tracking). We can treat any areas desired including tummy, arms, legs, inner thighs, buttocks, back.  The treatment is pain free and very easy!

The best part is results will continue to show for the next 3 months and  you will experience little to no down time!? Best for people who have been dedicated to a healthy diet and are continuing their fitness journey or wanting a little extra assistance!

Who is good a good candidate for the Cryoshape?

  • People wanting to spot reduce fat
  • People close to a normal BMI
  • People who are already on a healthy diet and lifestyle regime
  • People who have subcutaneous “pinchable” fat (soft fat outside the body) not visceral fat (hard fat around the internal organs)

Who is not a good candidate for the Cryoshape?

  • People who are in the obese or above obese BMI range
  • People who have visceral fat rather than subcutaneous fat
  • People who do not have pinchable fat and are underweight


What else do you offer that can boost my fat burning results?

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