Tighten Unwanted Belly Skin

Tighten Unwanted Belly Skin

Tighten Unwanted Belly Skin

Posted by Chique | March 3, 2019 | Blog, Radio Frequency, Skin Care, Skin Needling
Tighten unwanted belly skin after pregnancy

How To Tighten Unwanted Belly Skin Post Pregnancy

Forget Mummy Tummy with Radio Frequency and Skin Needling


Abigail Hoad

By Abigail Hoad

Pregnancy and childbirth can be a wonderfully exciting experience for every expecting mother – a journey that is truly incredible as a beautiful baby begins to enter the world for the first time.

Other than childbirth itself, most mothers also undergo an extreme physical change often referred to as ‘Mummy Tummy’. After delivery, every mother’s body begins the process of adjusting back to normalcy which typically takes place during the next 6 weeks post pregnancy. While this transformation occurs there is often the hope that the waistline will quickly bounce back, the reality is, now you have a lot of loose and saggy skin around your abdomen.

This can be greatly improved with a little treatment from us!

At Chique we have found the perfect pair to minimise and reverse these effects! We have found the combination of RF for skin tightening and cellulite reduction, and a skin needling treatment for pigmentation and stretch marks!

Radio frequency energy is used to tighten and strengthen sagging skin around the belly; the great thing about radio frequency is that we can treat deeper into the supporting sub-dermal layers, without damaging the outer layers of skin.

Before and after unwanted belly skin treatments

It works by instantly contracting the existing collagen fibres and stimulates the growth of new and stronger collagen. The result is a lifting and firming of the belly skin as the deeper layers are rejuvenated. This treatment is also great for cellulite around the thighs and buttocks also.

Skin needling is used to reduce and reverse scarring, stretch marks and renew the skins elasticity by creating micro trauma abrasions to the skin that triggers our healing and growth cells to renew and repair. The ‘micro injury’ caused to the skin allows the skin to produce and renew the collagen production in that area, in doing that we are banishing the pigmentation of the damaged skin and
creating an even skin tone.

Stomach area skin tightening before and after treatments

If you feel your mummy tummy (or any areas of cellulite) could do with as much love as you provide your child, contact the Chique team for a personal consultation and start your journey to a new you.

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