Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

At Chique Laser Clinic we only use class 4 medical Lasers, not IPL, SPL, VPL or ATF machines. We specialise in Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Scarring, Scarring, Wrinkles, Sun Spots and treat these all over the body.


Chique Lashes and Skin TreatmentLaser is a relatively new technology in the treatment of various skin problems. Prior to laser, often surgical or other more invasive methods were used to treat the skin, leading to long recovery periods or significant risks to the skin. Although laser is simply a specific and focused single wavelength of light, it is able to induce powerful changes and improvements in the skin with relatively low risk and downtime.

It can be used for the treatment of most skin related concerns, including pigmentation problems, tattoo removal, scar reduction, vascular conditions, excessive or unwanted hair growth, skin tightening, improving skin texture and wrinkles.

Our lasers are classified as non-ablative as these lasers are able to accurately and specifically target a particular problem in the skin. It is this specificity for a particular target that allows laser to successfully treat problems such as a sunspot, capillary, or hair without affecting the surrounding normal skin.

The means by which these lasers are able to be specific to a certain target is described in the theory of selective photothermolysis.

We have 3 discrete wavelengths

  • Alexandrite – Candela GentleLase
  • KTP – Gemini Laser
  • Nd:Yag – Gemini Laser

These wavelengths allow the utmost efficacy and versatility of treatment. Our lasers are quality US made lasers registered with the TGA and FDA, having supporting clinical and white papers for all indications of treatment.

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