Scarring Treatments

Scarring Treatments

Scarring Treatments

Scarring, Acne Scarring & Stretch Marks

Chique Laser Clinic can reduce your acne scarring in a number of different ways:

The Nd:Yag Gemini Laser stimulates the production of collagen which will reduce the severity of the scarring. 6-8 treatments are usually required to achieve a successful outcome.

Chemical peels are another method of treating more superficial acne scarring. Generally, medium to deep chemical peels are required to achieve a significant result, but a series of more superficial chemical peels could help achieve some improvement in milder acne scarring without significant downtime

Skin needling is a very effective method of treating superficial acne scars by puncturing the skin with multiple fine 3mm (long) needles attached to a small rolling pin. This stimulates collagen production and helps to lift up any ‘indented’ scars. The advantage of this treatment is the fact that it can be used on all skin types including darker skin types. People of Asian, Indian, African, and European background are able to have this treatment with less risk pigmentation changes in comparison to laser treatments post-needling. Also, it penetrates very deeply so that collagen can be stimulated on deeper acne scars. Skin needling generally requires several treatments, usually once a month. Usually it takes 3 to 7 days to recover from the treatment, depending on the degree of the treatment.

Skin Needling Aftercare Instructions

  • Avoid strenuous exercise, hot showers, pools spas and saunas for 48 hours post treatment
  • Commence the use of HA and Vitamin B immediately post treatment
  • Commence the use of Vitamin C 3 days post
  • Commence the use of Vitamin A 7 days post
  • Commence the use of Exfoliation (including AHAs and BHAs) products 7 days post treatment
  • Use sunscreen at all times. We recommend an all-day mineral sunscreen available for purchase at the clinic.
  • Only prescribed makeup should be applied for the first 48 hours
  • No waxing to the area for 2 weeks post
  • No Botox to the area for 48 hours post
  • No Fillers to the area for 48 hours post
  • No Microdermabrasion or Infusion to the area for 2 weeks post
  • No Dermal Peels to the area for 2 weeks post (Scar treatments excluded)
  • No DermaPen to the area for 2-6 weeks post
  • No LHR, LPR or LRR to the area for 2 weeks post
  • Avoid direct area if LVR has been performed for 6 weeks post
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