What age did you start wearing make-up?

Posted by Chique | May 16, 2016 | Blog, Facts

Wearing make-up makes us feel more radiant and is important to not consequently rely on.

We believe that it is perfectly okay to apply some lightly on an average day going out and about socially, for work etc. and wear full-face occasionally, like for special events. BUT we do not assent to masking your natural beauty in make up, only to enhance your beautiful features and faces.  You don’t need make up to make you beautiful, which we all need reminding sometimes and must instil in to the minds of our children. 

Makeup, hair styles, and clothing are the gray areas in parenting — there are no hard-and-fast rules. Each parent-and-child pair needs to settle on certain parameters without resorting to heated arguments, which will only hurt the parent/child relationship, most likely making the issue bigger than it is.

TEACH them why to do it and how to do it… 

If children are taught how to properly apply “the natural look” it will carry with them into adulthood and hopefully steer them away from a heavy look, often casted as ‘trashy’.

Let your child know that they are beautiful without it.

For now, they might be appeased with tinted lip balm that gives a little gloss and color to their lips, but doesn’t give the look of full-blown lipstick. 

Realise that if you make rules concerning make-up, your child might go against them – forwardly or behind your back. If you catch them doing so, it’s up to you whether you would like to confiscate it, however, be advised that you don’t punish them further as it could trouble their relationship with you and with make-up. State how disappointed you are and decide if it might be time to show her how to best wear it.

At first thought, it may seem fastidious, but make-up should be treated as a big step – it could be very influential to your child’s self-perception in the future.

This big step can be fun for the both of you of course! 

Teach them how to take care of their skin, apply makeup properly and buy them their first makeup products together. 

Let them know that clean and clear skin is WAY more important than wearing makeup. 

Which is why teaching good skin care is twice as important as all things ‘make-up’.

In addition to teaching your child how to use and wear make-up, focus on taking care of their skin first and foremost. You just can’t beat naturally beautiful glowing clear skin!

At Chique we offer Synergie Skin’s Teen Intro Kit 

The Teen Intro Kit is recommended for all adolescent skin new to skincare. It is important to introduce teenage skin to active cosmeceuticals at an affordable price-point. The Teen Intro Kit is also ideal for travel and sleepovers and consists of: Ultracleanse (gel gentle cleanser) In-B-Teen (Vitamin B teen serum) Hydrogel (Oil free pore minimising gel moisturiser)

The cleanser is designed to gently remove surface pollution, cell debris and makeup without over exfoliating or stripping the skin of natural oils.

Both serums restore the skins hydration levels and reduces oil production, excess surface oil and minimises inflammation and enlarged pores. The result is a more even texture and radiant complexion.

Make your child realise they don’t need make-up, but can still use it (under the guidelines you set with your them).

What age did you start wearing makeup?

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